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The 191st Time's The Charm – Could Leukine Be The Next Miracle Drug For Alzheimer’s Treatment?

Alzheimer’s has always been a historically difficult disease to treat. Almost all treatment focuses only on prevention and managing care after Alzheimer’s and dementia has been diagnosed – there has never yet been a pharmaceutical solution that has proven effective for the treatment of the disease – though over 190 separate research projects have attempted to find one.

But this could be about to change. A team of researchers at Colorado University’s Anschutz Medical Campus have been conducting some research that may hold the key to not only manage the disease – but reverse its course altogether, and provide a true cure for Alzheimer’s.

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Could High Blood Sugar Be Linked To A Higher Risk Of Alzheimer’s?

Interesting new research is being done at the University of Bath, which may indicate that constantly high blood sugar could be a contributing factor to Alzheimer's. We’ve long known that high blood sugar can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other health issues – but the link between high blood sugar and Alzheimer’s has not yet been fully studied.

In the study, researchers from the University of Bath worked with researchers from the King’s College London Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases.

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Caregiving And Dementia – How Extensive Caregiver Support Can Improve The Outcomes Of Dementia Patients

A new study being done in Nebraska by the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco is seeking to improve the outcomes of dementia patients not with advanced treatment solutions or pharmaceuticals – but by elevating the ability of caregivers to provide high quality care to their loved ones, using a specialized system of “Care Team Navigators”.

This system, known as “The Dementia Care Ecosystem” is designed to support caregivers in four crucial ways, allowing them to more effectively deliver care to their loved ones who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s

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